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All SMMEs require services and products and access thereof is of crucial importance to these SMMEs and their development..

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To submit your application for registration for this event, please complete the following form (NB supporting documentation…

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The programmes are in the process of being finalised, but topics to be covered include..

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Sponsorship Opportunity

The Gauteng Government has set aside R160m in 2015 for revitalizing the township economy in order to address poverty, inequality and unemployment in the townships.

SMME incubation hubs are at the helm of this revitalization to ensure there is mobilization of the formal and informal businesses in the townships

The Township Business Expo is geared towards empowerment and development of the booming township economy, This will be over a period of 3 days/bi-quarterly in a year. The focus for these workshops is to capacitate and disseminate information to entrepreneurs who want to access markets and tap into the mainstream economy. We would like to see businesses move from operating in the informal economy to the formal economy.

Access to Market/ Procurement

We will ensure small businesses tap into the available markets in the townships. With Government being the biggest role player in procurement to small businesses the opportunity for these Entrepreneurs is to position and ready themselves for these opportunities. Most importantly is to ensure that these businesses are profitable and they can compete and deliver their services/products exceptionally to the market

Skills Development

It is of most importance to ensure that these small business have undergone substantial training and have acquired a set of soft skills in Financial management, Project management, Sales and Marketing and compiling a fully fledged business plan, exposing these entrepreneurs to available hubs/launch-pads and incubation centers is vital to the sustainability of the businesses.

Access to Funding

Securing a loan with banks for a small business is a mission and in most occasions the don’t due to collateral or lack of assets, Our mission is to ensure these business have a bank account and are profitable/bankable enough to be able to access funding either with banks or state owned institutions. The objective is to make sure they are not aid dependent but that they can grow organically into successful businesses.


Mentorship to a small business is instrumental and profound, this can also serve as a vehicle and sounding board for the entrepreneur to improve and receive a constructive view of their businesses. We would ensure that the Entrepreneur is part of a support group or has a mentor that has the experience in the same field of business they operate in.

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Township Business Expo

Moshate Media is proud to announce the unveiling of first ever Township Business Expo and the My Growing Business Publication – a unique initiative focusing on the massive potential of the township economy in South Africa.

With the focus on entrepreneurship, support of SMME’s, BEE compliant procurement and the growth of township businesses, the Expo and accompanying publication directly reaches a previously untapped market.

With Government committed to investing millions in this sector, the Township Business Conference and Expo gives companies and organisations the opportunity to infiltrate this market. A market that is guaranteed to be the way forward.

The conference will host 500 – 1000 hand-picked delegates, in the heart of 2 townships, and will be rolled out throughout Gauteng on an annual basis.



Dates:  9-10th November 2016

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