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Online calculator to convert inches to feet (in to ft) with formulas, examples, and tables. Our conversions provide a quick and easy way to convert between Length or Distance units.

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Metric Conversion Calculator Millimeters to Inches Inches to Millimeters Meters to Feet Feet to Meters Lbs to Kilograms Grams to Lbs Short Tons to Metric Tons Metric Tons to Short Tons MPa to PSI = Delivering quality, value and commitment for 100 years.

How to Calculate a Steel IBeam's Weight Sciencing

Mar 13, 2018 · Finally, multiply the weight density of steel, in pounds per cubic foot, by the volume to get the weight of the Ibeam in pounds. Completing the exercise leads to 490 pounds per cubic foot times 6.4 cubic feet, or a weight of 3,136 lb.

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All steel tools, conversion tables and metal weight calculators in one place. Calculates steel weights, hardness, torque, force, energy. Also find conversion for Middle East currencies.

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This metal conversion tool has been designed to help you convert between different units of weight and volume. Please note that if you are converting between units of volume and weight, you should consider reading how to convert from volume to weight beforehand. This type of conversion requires a substance density figure.A list of some common metal density approximations is provided below.

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Conversion tools for the steel industry steel hardness conversion between Tensile, Vickers, Brinell, HRC, HRA, 15N, and 30N scales. Steel Weight Calculator . Calculate steel per foot, feet per pound, inches per pound, feet per pound and pounds per feet. Thickness (in inches) Width (in inches) Select & enter known variable

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density of steel. 489.6 lbs/ft3 .2833 lbs/in3. calculations for metric conversions

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Volume to Weight: Steel weighs 7 900 kilograms per cubic meter, or 493.18089 pounds per cubic foot. The Conversions and Calculations web site. Volume to weight, weight to volume and cost conversions for Tung oil with temperature in the range of 10°C (50°F) to 140°C (284°F)

How to Calculate Weight Per Linear Foot Sciencing

Mar 14, 2018 · By determining the weight per linear foot of a material, you know how much any length of the substance weighs. The weight per foot is also known as linear weight density. This equals the weight in pounds of the object, such as a rope, divided by its total length in feet.

Steel Weight Formulas Benjamin Steel

Steel Weight Formulas Based on theoretical nominal weights and considered approximate used for estimating only. Weight per cubic inch (Density) of steel is .2904 lbs.

How to Calculate the Weight of Steel Bar? Online Calculator

It's hard to find the exact weight of steel bars according to its area, it is advisable to refer the manufacturer's chart to calculate the weight of the steel bar. If you can't find the details, then the below steel bar weight calculation formulas are useful for site level execution.

Metal Weight Calculator Steel Weight Calculator

Metal calculators can help determine the weight of any number of types of material. This Metal Calculator can calculate the weight on round bar, flat bar, hex bar, plate, sheet, pipe, tube and square bar. This metal or steel calculator can help determine the weight on cut sizes or pieces of plate or any other type of cut metal.

Calculating Section weight of Mild steel angle

Re: Calculating Section weight of Mild steel angle Originally posted by Unregistered View Post A mild steel angle of dimensions 35 mm x 35 mm x 5mm and is 20 feet long.

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The metal weight calculator from Industrial metal Supply asks for some basic info to calculate the weight in pounds of your metal. Start calculating here!

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The formula to work out the weight in Kg's of a mild steel sheet or plate: Example: 2500 x 1250 x 5mm. Formula: 2.5 x 1.25 x 5 x 7.856 (g/cm3) = 122.75 Kg's: For guide purposes only,a formula that takes into consideration the plus tolerances used when producing mild steel

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Chapel Steel conversion and weight calculators include inches to millimeters, pounds to kilograms and more.

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Converts height to feetinches and weight to pounds.

Formula of Calculations Weight Stainless Steel (S.S

We serve the nation of quality stainless steel products but also contribute towards EcoFriendly environment. Formula of Calculations Weight : Calculation of S.S.Sheets, Circle, Pipes, Round Bar & Flat Bar Weight of Conversion of Mtr to Feet Wt of 1 Mtr. 3.2808 = Wt.Per Feet.

How To Calculate Unit Weight Of Steel Bars Daily Civil

Jun 09, 2017 · Calculation Of Unit Weight Of Steel Bars: After estimating it is very important to know the unit weight of steel bars because, we estimate as 100 meter 20mm ø bar or 100 feet 16mm ø bar, etc (ø is the symbol of diameter). But steel bar suppliers will not understand this notation, they measure []

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